In July 2016, Nancy and I visited Gold Beach on the southern Oregon coast. As we approached from the north, on highway 101, we were impressed and ‘wowed’ by the haystack rocks along the shore line and then again as Humbug Mountain looms into sight.

Humbug Mountain is home to Humbug Mountain State park and Campground and a tourist site called Prehistoric Gardens. We will visit both of these attractions in the future and share with you then.

South of Humbug Mountain we crossed the Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge, also known as the Rogue River Bridge an impressive concrete bridge and span built provide reliable and regular access to Gold Beach and the southern towns. Spanning the Rogue River, which suffered numerous floods including massive floods in 1961 and 1964. Looks for signs sprinkled around the area indicate high water marks.

Friday morning a surprising rainy day caused a wonderful change in plans. Remember to keep you options flexible. When the rain caused some visitors to cancel their plans, we we rewarded with an free upgrade on Jerry’s Rogue Jets. Instead of the 64 mile trip up the Rogue river, we went on the 80 mile trip that includes more white water and requires you to were the provided life jackets. Exhilarating!  Our pilot Tim was funny, corny, skilled and so good at spotting wildlife. We saw harbor seals, herons, bald eagles. But I never did see those pesky Madrone tree monkeys. I’ve invited my fellow executives, at my full time job, to plan a company retreat to Gold Beach and ride the Jets. I’m that excited about the fun! I posted a short video from our trip: Harbor Seal video.

Restaurants to check out:

We enjoyed dinner at both restaurants during our stay and were please with, food quality, service and prices.

Here we enjoyed a bbq lunch buffet during our jet boat trip. Check with Jerry’s to see which rides are scheduled to visit the resort when booking or checking.

Our hotel, Inn at the Beachcomber, was a little rough around the edges. But they are under construction with upgrades so use your judgement when choosing this hotel. I hope to look them up during our next visit to see how the improvements look.