Time to stretch our legs and brave the chilly, wet April weather in the NW.  We joined our friends, new and old, and were rewarded with chilly, but dry, ride.

A little over 12.5 miles round the lefty Lucy route. “Just keep left at all intersections until you get back to the parking lot.”

Five minutes before the scheduled start of the ride, the rain stopped. And it had been a downpour. And the rain held off until we finished and only sprinkled while we loaded our bikes and said our goodbyes.

So nice to see our friends and challenge ourselves.

Sauvie Island, nestled in the Columbia river, contains farmland and wildlife preserve. Even includes beach front areas for visitors during warmer weather. Two of our friends, driving around the course, inspecting for trouble, stopped and saw the largest collection of resting bald eagles in the preserve area. “Hundreds,” they proclaimed. “Never seen so many eagles in one place.”

Watch the calendar. The farms on the island open produce stores and stands. Additionally, several farms put on large productions during fall for pumpkins and halloween. Don’t forget the fresh popped carmel corn!

Today I discovered a new beautiful feature. Around 4 miles from the parking lot, going south from the parking lot, one farm family decorated their roadside property with antique tractors and trailers and thousands and thousands of flowers growing in the trailer beds, tractor buckets and every container large enough to hold potting soil.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I was too busy being impressed with views and dashing to get back to the car before the rain returned.

Remember to be polite to the families who live and work here. We’re just visitors.

wikipedia Sauvie Island

The Pumpkin Patch